Waste not, want not…

Our revolutionaries are out at all hours. Not storming barricades - but hauling crates of food to nourish people in the community.

We collect surplus food from supermarkets and share it with the community. As our network of Shop Zero and Cafe Zero projects is closed during Covid-19, we are focused on food aid. From the start of lock down, our ‘Bags of Good’ team has delivered thousands of food parcels and taken fresh produce out to charities and food banks for their work to support vulnerable and isolated people, promoting #zero hunger #zero waste.

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Passionate about saving food

Our mission is zero hunger, zero waste. Day in day out, our volunteers collect from shops, manufacturers and farms across the Midlands to share in the community.

Our volunteer collectors and goods handlers are trained to transport and store food safely and we set ourselves high standards in running our hubs. 

We are a not-for-profit enterprise (CIC) and measure our impact by the tonnes of nutritious produce we rescue and pass on to those who most need it in our community. The Bags of Good team have shared thousands of packaged aid parcels for organisations like food banks, charities and refuges to share. 

Lorry loads of perfectly edible food ends up in landfill every minute. We believe in a sustainable system – and one where our community does not go hungry.

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Our volunteers are crucial: they collect food from supermarkets; process and store produce in our shops and stalls; cook or serve meals or help with events. If you can spare some time, please do get in touch.

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We are supported by a range of high street names, but also receive produce from smaller shops, restaurants and caterers, as well as large food producers and those with allotments or smallholdings. We welcome new suppliers.

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