Policy F.A-1

Revolution Zero Community Interest Company (CIC)

Complaints Procedure

For members of the public, volunteers or partners:

  1. Our staff and volunteers try to provide a good level of service at all our projects. However, we recognise there can be mistakes, and welcome members of the public letting us know. This can only enhance the organisation. We strive to treat all complaints seriously and diligently.
  2. Any informal complaints can be made to a staff member or co-ordinating volunteer at a project. They will record the details and try and address the matter.
  3. This record will be sent to the Directors, including any relevant comments about any individuals connected with our projects – with an outline of action taken to resolve matters. This information will follow the rules of the General Data Protection Regulations (see privacy)
  4. Where resolution is not possible, the matter will be referred by the manager to the Board of Directors as a formal complaint.
  5. A letter or email which acknowledges the complaint will be sent; it will outline the process and the timings for this process and be sent within four working days.
  6. If the complaint concerns the conduct or service of a volunteer or employee, the process for handling it will be in accordance with the Disciplinary and Grievance Policy.
  7. The formal complaint will be investigated by a member of the Board of Directors, according to our policies.
  8. Following investigation a decision will be provided to the complainant as soon as possible, but no later than 14 working days from the receipt of the complaint; this may involve discussing the matter with the complainant in person if they wish.
  9. Any monitoring information collected will be used to monitor the effectiveness of the Compliments and Complaints Policy. Information will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, as outlined in the Privacy Statement.

This policy is subject to approval and review by the Board of Directors.
June 2019